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It is spring, a time of new beginnings.

The flower beds are dead, thanks to the Texas snow-pocalypse, and I spend a good two weeks bending over the weeds. Knee injuries make the work harder to do, but I’ve decided this year will be different. This year I will be patient. I’ll do a little each day. I’ll just keep at it until I’ve worked my way around the entire property. Lord knows it's big enough to warrant daily attention. This year I will listen to the birdsong, enjoy the dirt, savor the heat, then top my pampered beds with a deep layer of mulch.

It is spring, a time of new beginnings.

Dave explains the elements on the plate while our guests follow along. Parsley, salt water, kharoset, bitter root, shank bone, these all set the scene for the story to come, of how death passed over a people, marked by blood, and how God set them free. “Dayenu!” we shout together; It would have been enough. After dinner we raise our cup to drink, in remembrance of Him.

It is spring, a time of new beginnings.

Having been distracted first by yard work and then by holiday, I sit down at my desk. Now, what was I working on again? The papers before me are like weeds when I swear just one week ago they resembled a story - something about a girl, marked by blood, passed over by death, and then set free. Where did that story go? I bend over the work once again.

Life is full of interruptions as we work our way toward promised places. Not that I’m claiming grand promises about this project of mine, but I do believe God promised to work on it with me. This is the standard of success I hold myself to: did I spend time with the Father while writing today? To be honest, the answer isn’t always yes.

Sometimes I shun daily discipline. Some days I don’t listen to his voice. I tire of the dirty work (I’m looking at you, editing) and I’m uncomfortable in the heat of emotion pondering the messier parts of my past. Some days the words are just hard too hard to find, let alone string together into coherent sentences! But I know, deep in my knower, the only way I truly fail is if I quit. And I’m not doing that.

So, once again I shout, “Dayenu!” God with me is more than enough. Today, I raise my glass - or in this case my pen - and I write in remembrance of Him.

It is spring, a time of new beginnings!

Congratulations to Mary Owens, the winner of the Leuchtturm journal! Mary is a gifted artist and I encourage you to visit her page.


Womanswork Ultra Touch gloves and Gardener's Hand Soap

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I purchased both items from one of my favorite places, Wimberley Gardens. To be clear, I'm not a fan of yard work, but I love a good pair of gloves! And the smell of this soap? Amazing!

This year on the blog, I plan to introduce you to some of my favorite books, tools and teachers and with every post, give some of these favorites away! All mailing list members are eligible to win. Consider it my gift to you, my faithful subscribers. When there is news to share or products to consider from the world of Julie B. Jacobsen, you will be the first to know!

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